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This project is not just about the creation of an awesome and inspirational regenerative demonstration farm, but we also want to invite others to come here to learn with us and enrich the experience with their unique qualities, to form a vibrant and dynamic community.

We welcome anyone that can and is willing to help us, but it is necessary for us to have some guidelines and procedures to make things manageable, so please read through this section carefully before you arrive.

We have thought of several ways that people may want to participate:

Participate From Off Site

Core Team Recruitment

Become a Pioneer

he PPI are currently looking for experienced Permaculture practitioners who are ready to commit to the pioneering of a major new project, and who want to use their knowledge and skills to make lasting, positive change in the world, to form the core team of our organisation, and to join us here on this epic, chance of a lifetime, mega adventure in Europe’s final frontier.

As a core team member you will initially be working as part of a small team, living on the land, to collectively pioneer the development of the site by taking responsibility for the conception, design, and implementation of projects within your area of specialisation, as well as engaging in general tasks and design, and will eventually manage a department that utilises a team of students and volunteers to achieve its objectives.

Once the PPI has achieved a suitable level of financial security for the project we hope to be able to provide each of our core team members with a salary, as well as inviting long term members to construct their own habitat on the land at an appropriate time.

At this point we are living in the house a Launa Farm, which has 3 small bedrooms, so you will be sharing a room in the early stages, however you are welcome to bring a camper van or make a temporary abode if you would prefer.


The PPI are only interested in receiving core team applications from enthusiastic, self directed people, who are passionate about the vision of this project, and who are willing to make a serious commitment to driving the project towards success.

All applicants must have a Permaculture Research Institute accredited Permaculture Design Certificate, and have satisfactory and demonstrable experience in the area that they are applying for. Furthermore we require a minimum stay of 6 months, with an investment of €360 (€60 per month), paid on arrival, to cover living expenses, although the PPI intends to provide for the necessities of all of our core team members living on site once sufficient resources become available.

Despite being based in Spain, the PPI are an international group who use English as our common language, therefore we also require core team members to have a good level of English.

Natural Construction Expert

The responsibility of our Natural Construction Expert will be to oversee the utilisation and development of environmentally friendly and intelligently designed construction methods, suing as much material sourced from the natural resources of the site as possible, to provide for the needs of the project and demonstrate cutting edge alternative construction techniques.

This site is enormous and has an abundance of stone and clay, therefore making it a perfect sandbox for someone who has a passion for building in these materials to unleash their creativity and construct some amazing and inspirational structures.

Alternative Energy Expert

As our alternative energy specialist you will be expected to meet the energy needs of the project by installing and maintaining alternative, sustainable energy systems, as well as engaging in the establishment, and eventual management, of an alternative energy centre on the site, which will focus on the research and development of cutting edge alternative energy technology.

Kitchen Garden Manager

This is a very important position as the Kitchen Garden Manager will be responsible for designing, planting, an maintaining the gardens that will feed the project, as well as to form a good relationship with the Kitchen Manager to ensure that there is a coherence between these two areas, and to work towards our goals of improved nutrition and food self sufficiency for the project.

Preferably this person would already have experience with Permaculture kitchen gardens in arid lands, but someone with enough experience in other climates, who can demonstrate a good understanding of how to adapt, would be suitable.

Kitchen Manager

The Kitchen Manager will be primarily responsible for meeting the nutritional needs of everyone staying on the site, which could be up to 50 people, by providing 3 healthy meals per day on a set budget, whilst maintaining a high level of cleanliness and hygiene in the kitchen. When it is just the staff here the Kitchen Manager will work alone, but for larger events support will be sought.

The Kitchen Manager will work alongside the Kitchen Garden and Farm Managers to form a coherent relationship between these areas, working towards our food self sufficiency goal, and will be expected to use preservation techniques to make the most of their produce.

As well as this the Kitchen Manager will be involved in the design and development of food grade kitchens on site, so that we will be able to legally cater for events and make our own produce for sale, which will increase the long term scope of this role.

Farm Manager

The Farm Manager will be responsible for the design, implementation, and management of our Permaculture demonstration farm for arid lands, including the production of cash crops, looking after animals, and co-operating with the Kitchen manager to ensure that there is coherence between these two areas in working towards our self sufficiency goal.

As this is a demonstration farm, this position Is suited to a person who would relish the opportunity to have access to a playground in which they could develop a wide variety of Permaculture techniques for arid lands, with the potential of becoming a leading expert in this subject.

How to apply

If you think that you are ready to be part of the pioneering group of this fantastic opportunity then please send an email to and tell us why.

Please include in your email:

  • — The position that you are applying for.
  • — A description of yourself and your interests.
  • — An outline of your current experience.
  • — Where, when and with what teacher you took your PDC.
  • — Why you are interested in joining this project in particular.
  • — And how you intend to use your skills and experience to make this project successful.

You will be contacted shortly after the closing date to let you know if you have been successful or not, unfortunately we cannot take everyone but we are thankful to all applicants who want to help us with the project and special cases will be kept on record for future consideration.


We welcome anyone who is excited about our project and wants to come and check it out, you are also welcome to stay for a longer period but for the benefit of the project we would greatly appreciate it if longer term visitors could follow these guidelines;

– We cannot guarantee a place to sleep, so if you cannot provide for you own sleeping arrangements please check in advance to see if we have space.

– Visitors who want to participate in communal meals are more than welcome to, however they must make a financial contribution of €1.50 per day, which includes 3 meals and drinks.

– To avoid any misunderstandings, all visitors must let us know in advance how long they wish to visit for, up to a maximum of 2 weeks.

We hope you understand the need for clear guidelines, as our experience has taught us that uncomfortable situations can arise without this clarity.

We look forward to meeting you!


The PPI are not currently taking volunteers, but it is part of our future plans to have several teams of volunteers working on different aspects of the project, such as natural building, alternative energy, farming, and kitchen gardening. For the right people this structure could be the perfect way to gain some serious experience in a specific area of interest, working under adept supervision from our team leaders. If you are interested in this opportunuity please watch this space for information in the future.