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The PermaPuebla Initiative
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The PermaPuebla Initiative is a non-profit organisation whose members are united by their passion for positive change through Permaculture.

Our mission is aligned with that of the Permaculture Research Institute, and is best described in their own words as, “to expand the knowledge and practice of integrated, sustainable agriculture and culture using the whole-systems approach of Permaculture design. This will provide solutions for permanent abundance by training local people to become leaders of sustainable development in their communities and countries….to live resilient lives independent of the globalised, industrial system”.

The PPI aims to work alongside the PRI by acquiring sites, placing them under the protection of a trust fund or foundation, and developing them to become PRI master plan sites in line with their requirements. Therefore sites developed by the PPI will “aim to demonstrate Permaculture systems such as food production, water management, animal systems, soil building, food forestry, renewable energy, and structures”, as well as providing the infrastructure and PRI accredited teaching staff to host courses. The sites that we develop must also be self sufficient both in food and financially within 3 years.

Once these conditions have been fulfilled, a local branch of the PRI will be opened and the management of the site will be placed in its care.